Opposition Member called “Ayaz Sadiq Sahib” Instead of Honorable Speaker; During proceedings of Session of National Assembly

On Thursday, 15/12/2016, the proceedings of the lower house National Assembly was started about two hours late due to informal meeting, aiming to smooth proceedings of the house, in the chamber of speaker.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi the senior member of opposition party PTI again called the house speaker from their name Ayaz Sadiq Sahib instead of honorable speaker at the start of his speech.

When PML-N senior member, Saad Rafique said that please called him as Speaker instead of Ayaz Sadiq Sahib, Shah Mehmood Qureshi replied that I don’t accept this person as speaker, he is only a member of National Assembly, he lost his respect and position of speaker due to not performing his duties as Speaker. If Ayaz Sadiq Sahib kept his position as neutral persion because the house of speaker is a neutral person then I was accepted him as a speaker, but now he is only the member of National Assembly.

Saad Rafique replied to Shah Mehmood but the speaker Ayaz Sadiq said I myself answer these allegations and said that it’s not first that opposition criticize me, earlier from MQM, JUI-F and others for not accepting the resignations of PTI members.

I don’t accept the privilege motion against PM because the case proceedings is already running in the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Earlier, Senior Member and Minister of Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafique apologize from the opposition party PTI, calling them “Goondas”.

Saad Rafique explained with the apologize that he has not used the word of “Goondas”, he used “Goonda Gardi”, anyhow he apologizes from the PTI members and get back his words.

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