Issue Of Kalabagh Dam Construction Echoes in National Assembly

Some voices in favor and against the Kalabagh Dam were echoed during budget debate in the National Assembly while the opposition members also criticized the government for not announcing the NFC Award.

One of PPP members termed the budget as budget of ‘Raiwand’ saying it was no the national budget.

The PML-N Parliamentarian Rana Muhammad Hayat, while taking part in debate, said the PML-N was ready to provide constitutional protection to other provinces on this vital project. He said the Kalabagh Dam project was must to save Pakistan from and energy crisis, saying the PML-N would make entirely energies to influence Sindh and other to build this mega project.

Nawab Ali Wasan of PPP immediately countered arguments of the PML-N member announcing to oppose any move for building consensus to construct Kalabagh Dam. He said it was budget of ‘Raiwand’ without any clear policy for poor people of country, adding that there was nothing for the sectors of health and education. He said that government would not vacillate to admit Terms of References (ToRs) of opposition to flinch inquiry from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Panama Leaks matter.

Shehryar Khan Afridi member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf said that the PML-N administration’s monetary team had unsuccessful to accomplish GDP growth goal for the third successive year as general key goals established for 2015-16 were lost by 0.8 percent because of poor presentation. He said that obligatory government in its period had presented poor presentation in agriculture sector, large scale industrial food products, engineering products, transport and communication etc. He said the monetary survey for year 2015-16 was a responsibility pane against the government which had been manufacture big prerogatives about its growth outline to cuckold the people. Afridi said that from Sasti Roti scheme to tax amnesty scheme and from youth load scheme to loans for taxi driver, all structures of the government had unsuccessful.

He said agriculture was embattled to full-fledged by 3.9 on basis of predictable aids of important crops (3.2 percent), other crops 4.5 percent, cotton ginned 5 percent, livestock 4.1 percent, fishing 3 percent and forestry 4 percent. Though, agriculture sector’s presentation depreciated in 2015-16 and recorded a deterioration of 0.19 percent due to government’s unfortunate strategies and an global fall in commodities’ prices.

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