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Citizens Budget: An Initiative of KP’s Finance Department to Educate Commoners

The Finance Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has started an initiative to introduce a booklet “Citizens Budget” to facilitate the common citizens and let them participate in the budget making process.

The booklet, which was initially launched in 2014-15 continues to be published for the last two years. It is compiled and written in easy to understand language and avoids the intricacies of financial terminologies.

The booklet mainly focuses on the simple philosophy of funds’ circulation answering two basic questions; where funds come from and where they go?

The booklet is designed for people with no business and financial education back ground but presents the budget in a layman’s language with the help of pictorial diagrams.

The “Citizen Budget” document is part of the provincial government’s commitment to improve citizen’s access to budgetary information and promote accountability and promote accountability and transparency in managing public finances as intended by the promulgation of KP Right to Information Act 2013 and KP Right to Services Act 2013.

The document is mainly meant to enable people to effectively exercise their right to public security of state representatives’, access to information and provision of quality services.

From a layman to a corporate head honcho, each member of the society can have the details of the budget and knowledge of the government priority areas in the form a small handy and easily readable booklet.

The initiative is also aimed at making it easy for common citizens to understand how the budget of their province impacts their lives.

The booklet, in a nutshell, reflects upon all sectors’ revenues and expenditures as well as impact and importance of the budget for various sections of the society.

The broader contents of the booklet are sections on economic assumptions on economic assumptions underlying the budget, the budget process, revenue collection, priorities in allocations and spending target programs and sector-specific information and contact information for the citizens.

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