MWM Protest to Continue till Removal Of Terrorists: Allama Nasir

The Majlis-e-Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) Secretary General, Allama Nasir Abbas Jaffary said on today their peaceful protest will continue until the rulers launched an all-out operation against terrorists, fully implemented the partially implemented National Action Plan and probed the FC firing on peaceful protestors in Parachinar.

“We are peaceful and law-abiding Pakistanis and will continue our protest until our legal and constitutional demands are not met,” asserted Allama Nasir while talking to various delegations, which called on him here outside the National Press Club at MWM hunger strike camp on Sunday.

He maintained MWM’s hunger strike was to make Pakistan a peaceful abode for each and every Pakistani, wherein they enjoyed their religious, social and political rights without any check.

Today (Sunday) was Allama Nasir’s 32nd hunger strike day, he is diabetic and suffers also from heart ailment.

About the proposed long march, announced jointly by leading 24 Shia organizations after Eidul Fitr, he said they had to take this decision after the government showed total indifference and apathy to ongoing shia target killings and their hunger strike.

He claimed Shias across Pakistan would not vote for the ruling PML-N in next general election as a mark of protest over the rulers’ apathy and indifference to their killings.


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