National Assembly Secretariat Repatriating Deputationists to Their Departments

The National Assembly Secretariat commenced the procedure of execution of the Supreme Court decision with regard to sending of deputationists, who are fascinated in the National Assembly Secretariat back to their parent departments.

The National Assembly Secretariat has sent letters to 26 absorbed officers including Special Secretary National Assembly Secretariat Qamar Sohail Lodhi, Joint Secretary Syed Shahmoon Hashmi, Sargent-at-Arm Muhammad Hussain and other 23 senior officials who come on deputation and later on absorbed in the national assembly secretariat.

In the letter issued to 26 officers of the National Assembly Secretariat, they were asked to explain their position with regard to their absorption and repatriation back to their parent department.

According to sources, Special Secretary National Assembly Secretariat Qamar Sohail Lodhi was Civil Judge in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and in his six to seven years in the National Assembly Secretariat he was promoted from grade 19 to grade 22.

While same case of joint secretary Syed Shamoon Hashmi who was deputed in the national assembly from KRL and then absorbed and in span of six to seven years he got a promotion from grade 17 to grade 20.

Sources in the National Assembly Secretariat told The Truth Pursuit that the judgment of the Supreme Court not only asked the department to send back deputationists to their parent department but also call to review whether promotion given to deputation effected the same office of the department.

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