Police Assistance Lines Disposes of 105,111 Applications So Far

The Police Assistance Line (PAL) has received and disposed of 105,111 public applications since January, 2015, providing quick relief to the people.

The officials in the police department said the Police Assistance Lines is project of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police established as a Public Facilitation Centre.

The first Police Assistance Line was established in May, 2014 inside police station west cant, Peshawar as a pilot project in an improvised container built structure.

Keeping in view the successful launch of the PAL in Peshawar, the facility was extended to the whole of the province. At present, there are PALs established and functional in all the districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The services offered by Police Assistance Line included security clearance, character verification, theft reporting, lost items reporting, child lost and found, vehicle verification, TIF form and rental agreement reporting, document attestation and legal advice.

During a recent meeting at the Central Police Office, the Inspector General of Police was informed that 105,111 applications have been received and dealt with since January 01, 2015 throughout the province. The district-wise break-up showed that the district Peshawar received 19780 applications which is 18.8 percent of the total.

Among the divisions, the Mardan Region received 25,746 (24.5 percent), Kohat Region received a total of 7,787 (7.4 percent), Malakand Region received a total of 5384 (5.2 percent), Hazara Region received a total of 16,106 (15.3 percent), DIK Region received a total of 18,233 (17.3 percent) and Bannu Region received total of 12075 (11.5 percent) applications.

The study of nature wise break-up of applications disclosed that the majority of the applications pertained to lost items (36,785 or 35 percent), followed by Security clearance (31,571 or 30 percent) and tenant information forms (23,634 or 22.5 percent).

The statistical study further divulges that a considerable number of application for legal authentication of vehicles through vehicle verification system have also been received. It amounts to 11,574 or 11 percent.

In order to ensure proper monitoring of the working of PAL and maintain transparency, a data center was established in Central Police Office, Peshawar. All the PALs have been computerized and their digital data has been linked with the severs in CPO which is being constantly monitored in CPO.

The Provincial Police Chief has directed the Capital City Police Officer of Peshawar to shift the PAL, from the existing improvised structure into a proper building modified for accommodating all its well-established features.


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