Supreme Courts Budget Increased To Rs 1.74 Billion

The government has allocated Rs 1.74 billion for the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the federal budget 2016-17 against the outgoing fiscal year’s revised estimate of Rs 1.33 billion, showing an increase of Rs 412 million.

According to the budget document, the break up the allocation included employees related expenses of Rs 1.19 billion, Rs 341 million for salaries, Rs 248 million for pay of officers, Rs 93.8 million for pay of other staff, Rs 848 million for allowances and Rs 59.6 million for regular allowances.

Similarly, Rs 25.19 million have been earmarked for other allowances excluding transport allowance, Rs 395.4 million for operating expenses, Rs 43.67 million for employees retirement benefits, Rs 4 million for transfers, Rs 2 million for grants, subsidies and write off loans.

Likewise, Rs 47 million have been allocated for physical assets and Rs 64 million have been allocated for repairs and maintenance of transport, machinery and equipment, furniture and fixture, buildings and structure of the apex court.

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