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Budget 2016-17: Rs 1,544 Million Set Aside For Presidency, PM Secretariat; Interior Ministry and LEAs Collectively Get Rs 86.64 Billion

Despite making tall claims on economic development and increasing living standard of the masses, Pakistan Muslim League-N government in their fourth consecutive budget put high taxes on power people.

However, Prime Minister House budget was increased almost 4.7 percent while Presidency budget was increased 7.7 percent. For the President House, the total allocations of Rs 863.48 million (Rs 863,483,000) for the next fiscal year of 2016-17 show the increase of Rs 62.48 million against the allocated amount.

The allocation of Rs 863.48 million made for the Presidency for the coming financial suggests that Presidency would spent Rs 2.36 million daily from the tax payer money.

Out of the total allocations of Rs 863.48 million for Presidency, Rs 566.92 million is in the head of President Employees Related Expenses, for the foreign visits of the President and his delegation, Rs 282 million was allocated as compared to the Rs 270 million last year.

For the Prime Minister Secretariat, Rs 881 million (Rs 881,594,000) for the fiscal year of 2016-17 has been allocated Daily expense of Prime Minister Secretariat and House would be Rs 2.415 million for the coming next financial year.

For the foreign tours of PM during the coming fiscal year of 2016-17, an allocation of Rs 1789.01 million will be made out from the head of Foreign Affairs Division.

The amount of Rs 282 million is allocated for the President’s foreign tour for the whole year. The amount of Rs 1789.01 million is allocated for the Prime Minister’s foreign tours and that means that daily Prime Minister will spend Rs 4,901,950.

Rs 566.92 million has been allocated for the staff and household of the President, the staff and household basically were those employees who provide their service for the Presidency that includes butler, waiters etc.

The interior ministry and law enforcement agencies will obtain collectively an amount of Rs 86.644 billion for safety and security of the citizens under the proposed federal budget for the year 2016-17.

An amount of Rs 708 million have been placed for interior division and Islamabad Police will get Rs 7.118 billion during the next fiscal year. Rs 43.257 billion have been allocated for Civil Armed Forces while Rs 18.163 billion have been earmarked for Pakistan Rangers.

During the year 2016-17, Passport Organization will get Rs 2 billion, Frontier Constabulary’s budget will be over Rs 7.9 billion, Pakistan Coast Guards will get Rs 1.75 billion and Narcotics Control Division will get Rs 2.326 billion.

Other expenditures of interior Division have been estimated at Rs 3.35 billion for the next year. The documents maintain that out of the Rs 86 billion budget, Rs 61 billion i.e. over 70 percent will go to two departments, Civil Armed Forces and Pakistan Rangers.

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