Westerly System’s “Category-III” Hurricanes Hits Country

A Westerly System generated primarily at the Caspian Sea resulted in generating “Category III” hurricanes all throughout the hot plainer areas of the country late Wednesday night, uprooting trees, blowing away billboards, transforming the city into a raging ball of dust.

The westerly system, although low in moisture appeared pretty strong on the weather map.

The system extending over Turkmenistan, part of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan had a south-east bearing which led in into Pakistan through its north-western front.

The system caused rain in the northern areas but its intensity was so strong that its periphery didn’t go unaffected as well. The low pressure created by hot plainer areas of Pakistan’s mid-western front, vis-by-vis Rajanpur, Rojhan, Dera Bugti, sucked in the westerly system causing the high speed winds to transform into “Category-III” and in some areas borderline “Category-IV” hurricane with wind speeds measuring in excess of 130 kilometers per hour.

The low pressure created by these hot plainer areas is known for its ability to suck in monsoon systems towards the centre of the country, however, this time round it acted the same way for westerly system.

This hurricane swept through the plainer areas including Lahore, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Chakwal, Attock and adjoining areas between Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore.

While the Lahories were watching the catastrophic hurricane news that claimed 15 lives, the provincial metropolis was hit by a hurricane with wind speed in excess of 122 KM per hour. The high speed winds lashed through the city streets blowing away virtually everything resisting its path. The city turned into a ball of dust because of the dug-up roads for Orange Line Metro Train and visibility dropped as well.

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