Selection Committee Decides to Re-Advertise Vacant Positions at Ayub Teaching Hospital

The last phase of appointment of senior management in Ayub Teaching Hospital, the Pakistan’s leading Medical College in Abbottabad, Khyber Phaktunkhwa, under Medical Teaching Institute (MTI) Reforms Act is in the doldrums as selection committee for nursing director has decided to re-advertise the post as none of the short-listed candidates are qualified for the job.

Special time was provided to two candidates for the slot of finance director who didn’t appear in the interviews on scheduled date. Interviews, for the nursing director, which were held on Tuesday took a new turn when the selection committee headed by hospital director Brig (R) Muhammad Ajmal rejected the five short-listed candidates.

Interestingly, the committee has short-listed five candidates out of a total of 19 applicants, including the chief nursing superintendent of the hospital, who was the member of the selection committee for hospital director, medical director and dean Ayub Medical College.

It was learnt that the selection committee had questioned the advertisement for the slot in which no upper limit of age had been fixed and teaching and administrative experience was not required. Two retired and over age nurses were also short-listed for interviews.

The hospital sources said that the advertisements for senior management was designed by present Secretary Board of Governors Major (R) Siddiq-u-Rehman, who was acting hospital director at that time.

It was learnt that no age limit was fixed for hospital director, medical director and even dean of the college and dean and medical director were selected from the medical college ignoring the retired professors. Hospital director was selected from outside, Dr. Muhammad Zafeer, a former chief executive of the institution, who was no top of the list during interview for hospital director was not considered and another applicant was asked to join the institution. Hospital sources claimed that this act of selection committee questioned the selection of the senior management, including hospital director and medical director.

The interview for the finance director positions, which was held on Monday couldn’t notified to attend the interviews on schedule date were given chance for next date.

When contacted, Medical Director Dr. Saleem Afzal told The Truth Pursuit’s correspondent that two short-listed candidates for the finance director post were given time as they had requested to be provided another date. However, he avoided commenting on the decision and said, “Let the official version come out in a couple of days.”



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