Islamabad Local Government Officials Visit MWM Hunger Strike Camp

The Deputy Mayors of Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation on Monday called on Majlis-e-Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) secretary general Allama Nasir Abbas Jaffary and supported his stance on the elimination of militancy and menace of terrorism from Pakistan.

Deputy Mayors Zeeshan Naqvi, Ch. Riffat Javed and Azam Khan visited the hunger strike camp of MWM set up outside the National Press Club and remained with the Majlis leadership for some time. Allama Nasir is on hunger strike for the last 18 days and only taking liquid and medicines. He is diabetic and suffers from heart complications.

They maintained that target killing of any citizen, belonging to any school of thought or religion was in total negative of Islam and the Constitution of Pakistan and like playing with the peace and stability of the nation.

Allama Nasir told the delegation that their protest was peaceful and it was not against any particular party or group but against the enemies of Pakistan and Islam, who wanted spill of human blood and anarchy across Pakistan.

He alleged the lands of Shia Muslims in Gilgit-Baltistan and Parachinar were being occupied by certain elements. He reminded the government that it was its prime responsibility to protect life and property of each and every citizen of Pakistan.

Allama Nasir feared under the garb of the national action plan, a ploy was afoot to keep the faithful from the real spirit of Islam, which they would not allow to happen.


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