WASA Uninterested To Solve Water Issue In Township 2/C-I Sector, Lahore

The residents of Township’s 2/C-I sector have been facing water shortage for years after the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) abandoned the tube well (installed at the sector`s main park). Township (Quaid-i-Azam Town), a major residential scheme of the south Lahore, faces the severe shortage of water supply, particularly in the summer season.

“For the last six to seven years, we’ve been in this trouble,” says Ijaz Anjum, of the area. “There is no water in the entire summer season, so we’ve to run our electric motor for hours to extract water from the pipes at night.

The water issue increases residents’ monthly electricity bills due to the continuous running of motors.

Mushtaq Khan, another resident, said he was planning to shift to some other place just because of the water issue.

He said many of the times they had no water for ablution in mosques.

He said Wasa had cut off the land line phone for complaints and now they had to visit the Wasa office to get their complaint registered.

Qari Muhammad Riaz-u-din said they had conveyed the issue to some people closed to MNA Waheed Alam.

“They (the friends of the MNA) said a separate tube well for the 2/C-I has been approved by the chief minister,” he said in disbelief, adding that it seemed impossible for their own sector`s tube well had already been abandoned. He says unplanned load shedding has also added miseries of them for when the tube well of I/C-I sector is running, there is no light in their sector (2/C-1).

Other residents Muhammad Ghufran, Abdul Qayyum Tariq and Khalid Mehmood Akbar Khan said they would fetch water from adjacent localities or buy it for day-to-day needs. They said they had no option but to stage a rally at the headquarters of Wasa in Gulberg.

Wasa sub-divisional officer of the area said the tube well earlier installed in 2/C-1 was shifted to I/C-I with the consent of the residents after its bore broke down.

“The main problem is load shedding hours. For this we have arranged a generator to run the tube well during load shedding hours and it will be working in a couple of days,” he explained. He said the generators would resolve the issue.



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